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Live for today

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Our Team

Michael Carminucci CFS, EA, RFC

LPL Registered Principal - LPL Financial Advisor

Michael Carminucci is a hands-on financial consultant with over twenty years experience in the industry. His accomplishments include actively managing over 1,000 current accounts, along with having aided in the investment of over $150 million dollars in assets during his career


James Cirocco

Director of Retirement Planning, Financial Consultant

James offers experience and guidance as the Director of Retirement Planning.  James works with people to help review their current work place retirement plans and provides additional retirement vehicles, based upon each client's individual needs.  The objective of this personalized retirement planning is to complement and grow an individual's retirement savings.  James' goal is to ensure a comfortable retirement for each client.

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Joseph Burger

Director of Insurance Sales

Offering Insurance options to Individuals of all ages

Joseph Burger offers over thirty years of experience helping people choose the appropriate insurance for their lives, homes and all personal property.

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George Collins

Director of New Business Development

George joined the team after a 35-year career at Local 46 Metallic Lathers and Reinforcing Iron Workers in the New York City area.  George developed the reputation as the “go-to-guy” for financial retirement information as he taught a course called Million Dollar Blue Collar.  He is still the retirement guru of the Union and continues to inspire apprentices to be the best they can be as a teacher at the learning center for Local 46.

George is a proven leader and was  an effective political leader at the Union as wekk as General Foreman on some of New York City's most iconic skyscrapers i.e. The Bank of America and America's crown jewel, The Freedom Tower.    

Susanne Carminucci

Administrative Office Manager

Servicing Clients and Maintaining Compliance Regulations

An integral part of the company since it's inception, Susanne Carminucci assures that the office is running like a well-oiled machine. Susanne's primary concern is to keep the client's affairs in order.




Debra Murphy

Administrative Support Team Manager

Debra is a vital element to the Carminucci Wealth Management team and oversees all of the administrative duties which are accomplished on a daily basis. Debra serves as a liaison between clients, portfolio managers and LPL Financial.


 John Martucci

Administrative Engineer

John Martucci is a tax specialist and an integral part of the Carminucci Wealth Management team, overseeing tax preparation and compliance issues. John brings with him over thirty years of corporate tax experience